Back in 2003 I decided that I wanted to purchase a rebounder. I was new to this piece of equipment and studied the field.

Even back then the Cellerciser stood out as a premium choice. My only hesitation at the time was the price because so many competitors cost considerably less.

But then I realized that I should put the cost consideration aside. Quality, long-life and stability were what counted. And that has been my seventeen year experience with Cellerciser. Even after all these many years of use, my rebounder remains in prime condition not a flaw on it. It looks new and in mint condition.

The mat has retained its initial firmness and because it is stable, I don’t fall off. Now some personal comments on how I use it — I prefer to bounce to fast music. When the music speeds up, I speed up. When the music comes down, I slow down my bouncing.

I improvise and do a variety of moves, but always return to the basic bounce. Because I like a soft bounce, I put two pieces from a puzzle exercise mat (the kind that has interlocking pieces like a puzzle) under each leg. I experimented with three pieces, but that made the bounce too soft. One was not sufficient. In my case, two are perfect.

The sort of bounce you want is a personal preference. I also like to wear padded sports socks when I bounce — not any sort of shoe.

I have other exercise equipment — the Total Gym and a spin bike. But the rebounder stands alone. The other equipment, good as they are, cannot replicate the overall positive effects of bouncing on the body.

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