Been meaning to let you know what a wonderful product you have in the Cellerciser.

I purchased my Cellerciser sometime in the 1990’s and (like many exercise ventures throughout the years I didn’t give it the time and commitment necessary to reap the full benefits. However, it traveled with me between office and home over the years and as a full-time psychotherapist I told clients and friends about it often.

During this past year of recovery and rebuilding my Cellerciser was always there in the living room – I knew it was the best possible exercise tool, the most obvious road to improve my health, strength, balance and immunity. Just to make things more interesting, I developed a few incisional hernias due to the surgery that were growing slowly, and I was told to be very careful with any exercise that could put pressure on the stomach area – walking appeared to be the only safe option but the weather in NY was not cooperating as we approached the holiday season.

I had spoken to Mr. Jerry last year in reference to a new balance bar and he couldn’t have been more helpful.

So I called again a few weeks ago to ask about what exercises (if any) would be safe with these hernias. Mr. Jerry was/is simply amazing – his passion and enthusiasm about the Cellerciser is palpable – only matched by his knowledge, kindness and generous spirit. His life experience as a Navy Seal has afforded him the ability to relate to so many things –

he knew about the hernias I’m challenged with and was able to make suggestions to keep it small and safe … but also shared my belief that keeping the immune system well-tuned was

key at this stage of healing. He listened, he cared, and he gave of his time.

The Cellerciser clearly speaks for itself as one of the most effective pieces of equipment out there on the market, but I believe there is no question that wonderful customer support from someone like Mr. Jerry is a huge plus – he’s much more than an asset to this company – he’s the kind, highly energetic voice on the other side of the phone who actually remembers you

and your story and makes you want to hop on that rebounder and get moving.

Thank you for this wonderful product and all that comes with it … l am most grateful.

Wishing a healthy and fruitful year to all.