For anyone here because you’re considering a purchase, the answer is yes.

Yes, this can challenge those experienced with exercise.

Yes, a beginner can use it to ease into exercise.

Yes, you can use it to do HIIT or Tabata.

Yes, you can walk or jog on it to keep it simple if that’s your thing.

Yes, you can pick up some calisthenics or flexing moves and freestyle your own workout.

Yes, you can gently bounce and meditate in dim light.

Yes, you can dance party.

Yes, there might be an adjustment phase in your connective tissues, but your body will come to thank you.

Photos are me one year ago, and now three months into my Jumping Journey. Considering I am nearly 50, post menopause and have thyroid disease, I am happy to have this much result. In these 3 months I have used the Cellerciser almost exclusively.


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