A few years ago, I read a book on the benefits of rebounding. That December I bought each of my married children & myself a ReboundAir (based from a friend’s recommendation) – I had not heard of David Hall or the Cellerciser brand at the time either.

At some point in 2018 I was searching for trampoline workouts on You Tube and someone did a review of the Cellerciser trampoline & mentioned David Hall. So, I searched for David Hall and saw the video that was done at a health expo. I was impressed and I shared the video link with my friend who had recommended the first trampoline. She proceeded to buy the Cellerciser trampoline & told me there was a difference between the two brands. I kept thinking, how can there be that much of a difference?

Well, I ordered a Cellerciser trampoline & it came a few weeks ago. I ended up getting very sick & wasn’t able to use the trampoline until this week. I used it on Saturday night for just a 2-minute health bounce and yesterday for a 3-minute health bounce. This morning I did Routine #2 in the senior section & I can tell you that the difference between the two brands is huge!!! I finally feel like I will begin to see results with using the Cellerciser trampoline. I’ve recorded my weight, measurements, and took starting photos to track my journey to a new me.


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