I just want to say I love my new Cellerciser. I had been looking at Bellicon and so many reviews said the bungees had to be replaced at significant expense fairly regularly. That’s when I decided to look at Cellerciser and was pleasantly surprised at the pricing for what I had seen was the best brand out there according to many people. I didn’t find any complaints on customer service or product anywhere and only raw reviews. I am so happy I went with your product. I am fairly fit to begin with but have had trouble running for a few years after an Injury and have found It difficult to get in a cardio workout that makes me feel Uke I did something equivalent to the workout ruining gave me. I love that I need only one item that fits easily in my home gym and Is so versatile and fun. Already feeling more energy and less aches and pains.

Thank you so much! Glad I took the leap!

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