I’m here because Vicki was open about using her Cellerciser®. I had tried rebounding before, just not on the right one. I had been prowling around though, with a really great, true rebounder on my wish list. This isn’t easy to manage always, this budget for health, until you remember where else you’re saving by taking good care of yourself.

Yes, it’s love, me and my new Cellerciser. Granted, I had started adapting to this motion with my other choices and have worked out steadily for the past 31 years probably. But still, remember to be kind to yourself. If you have to let your body adjust by shuffling or rocking your bounce and then graduating to both feet, it is A-Okay. Adjust you will. Your spine will also love it. I have no more back tension. Whatever monster gets in my low back from a stationary bike is scared away with my Cellerciser. I’m not kidding … I’m up out of bed without any delay being able to MOVE. I have EVEN started WANTING to jump before COFFEE.

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