Cellercise is helping to open up circulation and pumping oxygen and nutrients to my brain, my scalp, my eyes, my face, my ears, throat, neck, my shoulders, arms, chest, lungs, my heart, my abdominal are, my back and spinal column, my hips, my libido, my thighs and buttocks, calves, feet and toes.

Light is filling each of my cells. My whole body is being filled with light. Thank you, body, for the love you have shown me. I love and appreciate this body. I will work with this body to help us both enjoy our journey as we pursue our greater health potential. (P,M,S,E) My cells are transmitters and receivers, my body is a transmitter and receiver, I am transmitting and receiving love, hope, desire, gratitude, confidence, faith. I think positive thoughts. I surround myself with positive influences. I am happiness. I am joy.

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