Good morning y’all… I just want to take a moment to do a REAL, unsolicited and un-biased experience of Bellicon vs Cellerciser® (and I’ve already tried JumpSport 55 0f next to Cellerciser when I didn’t know if I was going to go bungee or springs and already narrowed down the springs option to Cellerciser), but felt I NEEDED to compare them together to make a fully informed decision). If Dave Hall – Cellercise never existed, I said I’d choose JumpSport, and that was before getting my hands on a Bellicon this week (Marketplace). I still stand by JumpSport 550 as the top bungee option, and that’s because I could adjust the bungees to come close enough to my Cellerciser to find it as an acceptable option. Changing the tension on those bungees was a brutal experience for the fingers, so while the option to accommodate most weights/sizes for various users is there, it’s nice knowing that Cellercisers tridaptable springs does that for me, lol. Knowing I’ll NEVER have to replace a worn out part on my Cellerciser is also very comforting, but just in case there’s a random need to (Cellerciser wants to make sure they send you 2 w/ your unit, rather than ever having us go a moment w/out our Cellercisers waiting for arrival of a replacement on the very rare chance you’d need to replace a spring).

For what it’s worth, the used Cellerciser I found for mom that I drove 90 minutes each way for is about 14 years old (the 84 year old lady that had it treated herself to a trifold). The mat seems to have had a cat or something that also appreciated it, because there are little

“runs” in the mat. Mom has NEVER noticed them, and the mat is so well made that I wouldn’t notice if my OCD didn’t kick in for me to fully evaluate a 14 year old unit. I use it all the time when I visit with her in the evenings in the living room. I called the Cellercise office to see if I should replace it and was told “only if you want to spend the money for no reason”. THAT says something right there.

Is Bellicon a good mini trampoline? Yep, if you want to catch more air, and have an outdoor trampoline experience indoors, and feel like a kid again and a decent cardio workout – if that’s your only need … but why for the price? Cellerciser can provide the same (better, if I’m being honest) cardio option, only more stability, the mat is much more “receptive” and overall responsive for what I need it for. Catching air on it (if that was important) isn’t a “strength” in comparison, but since catching air isn’t what I’d consider an advantage, I’m still struggling to see any advantage that Bellicon has over Cellerciser. There just isn’t any comparison. My muscles were HARDLY engaged on the Bellicon, versus full resistance training that my Cellerciser gives me.

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