In corresponding with a longtime friend in Korea with respect to physical health and wellbeing I told him that I like to put things in perspective using the analogy of a tripod; here are the three legs of the tripod:

1 ENVIRONMENT: live free of harmful agents.

2 DIET: consume food as close to the way that God made it.

-No refined sugar

-No processed food

A Waddell, PhD

3 EXERICISE: engage in a physical regimen to keep the body fit.

But tripods need three legs to stand. If even one leg is missing a tripod falls. And when any of those three legs above are missing, it almost certainly guarantees health disaster with a person ending up sick and enfeebled.

Interest in all this started with me as a young boy sixty-five years ago (I am now seventy-five) when I ordered a Charles Atlas exercise course out of one of my comic books to see if I could put some weight on my skinny frame. The next step came in the discovery that an electric blender made healthful drinks for my regimen. My interest in the health path occurred before anyone ever heard the phrase, “Health Food Store.” I have over twenty thousand pages in my library of books on the subject and that has acquainted me with just about every modality that has come along. Some is good. Much is worthless. After researching nearly every pathway in this field I am confident in what to practice, and why I believe what I practice.

It all has made me realize how the important things of life are things you are never taught in school. You learn a million useless facts that don’t help you to function properly, and essential things (one being the details within that tripod above) are totally neglected, or outright ignored.

Now the BIG emphasis these days is on diet, and to a lesser extent environment; however, the third leg of the tripod (exercise movement) is as vitally essential as the first two if one is to be healthy. So, when I came across Al Carter’s book, The Miracles of Rebound Exercise in 1982 I discovered the great health benefits of rebounding where each jump acts to not only stress and build muscles, but also, more importantly, to squeeze the lymph system clean.

What a deal! It enabled me to exercise every cell of my body quickly, easily and with low impact.

Back then, I found a Rebounder that was manufactured in Texas; it was rectangular, not round. In addition to the springs attaching the mat to frame, it had springs in telescoping legs to act as shock absorbers for additional cushioning. That is how I started rebounding, and I sold them to a number of my friends.

The trick, however, is to stay away from inexpensive, or cheap Rebounders; springs break, elongated holes in frames develop from the friction of bouncing; and frames and legs are wobbly. Additionally, because the springs in cheap Rebounders are not manufactured correctly, the bounce will be too stiff and will, of a certainty, develop in the user joint problems.

Well, during all those years I did a lot of research on which Rebounder incorporated the most positive qualities and by the early turn of the century I found Dave Hall’s Cellerciser. His Rebounder is the best. His information is the best. That is my opinion, but it is opinion based on evidence and nearly thirty-five years of experience. I have acquired numerous Cellerciser Rebounders for people I know because I know the quality that goes into Dave Hall’s product. The Rebounder market has seen some new “kids on the block” over the past few years, but I wouldn’t own anything, but a Cellerciser because no one has improved on the Cellerciser.

I am not affiliated with Cellerciser in any way, but that is my testimony-and here is another thirty-five-year-back testimony that is in lock step with mine: “Never in my 35 years as a practicing physician have I found any exercise method, for any price, that will do more for the physical body than rebound exercise.” (Henry Savage, M.D.).

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