I wanted to share this fantastic experience with you:

Yesterday a sharp pain shot into my right elbow while putting my weight on it lying on the couch. Every time I bent it more than 90 degrees, the sharp pain was there, and it got worse over time. Today in the morning it was still there, I had to shave and brush my teeth with my left hand because I couldn’t bend my right elbow.

I then Cellercise for 25 minutes (basically just fun freestyle jumping) and afterwards the pain was gone! I couldn’t believe it. I could bend my elbow again absolutely pain free. I still feel some residue of the pain when I push against something but I’m sure that’s just the nerve that has been enduring the pain for a day.

This was so unexpected and so amazing. I laughed with joy and relief.

Have a great day everyone! And keep Cellercising, even if it’s just fun freestyle jumping.

You never know what it might heal!

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