Love love love my Cellerciser–it’s SILENT–I used plain ol’ petroleum jelly (with Q-tips) because I didn’t want any oily smell (or drippy mess) in my living room where it lives (I had to do it twice but haven’t touched it with oil in months and months). I’ve had it a year now and finally took my “training wheels” bar off now it’s easier to store upright when I have company (yes–it folds down, but it’s easier to just set it up against the wall–unless I’m traveling–in which case I fold it up and take it with me). If you’re on the fence at all about getting one, grab yourself one, it’s 1,000% better than my Urban Rebounder (the best one on the market YEARS ago when I got my first tramp).

This one is far and away better and ohhhh so worth it!

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