I am a 62-year-old female who began having migraine headaches in 1958. By 1999 the migraines along with light severity and frequency, rendering me unable to perform normal activities of daily living. In August of that same year, I was diagnosed with essential tremors and was unable to feed myself with out holding my hand.

From that time on I tried many treatments all without relief, plus others I had taken throughout the years. Certain nerve blockers, injections, nasal and lidocaine IV treatments, those were the most effective, but I took so many injections to relieve my pains. In addition, the effectiveness of the best treatments was of short duration, and frequency. I would wake the morning after treatment with a full-blown migraine. After having as many migraines, I began to log them, beginning in 1999 and here are the results:

Year                     Days of Migraines

1999                    70

2000                   122

7/8/2001           111

In 2001 basically 60 of these days was continuous migraine and 46 of those days another continuous migraine.

Since July 8, 2001 I have had no migraine medication Praise the Lord! On July 11, 2001 my life changed, I began to Cellercise! I continued each morning for 10-20 minutes and had no migraines for 11 days.

On July 23, 2001 I woke with a mild migraine, but was determined to Cellercise, to see what would happen. After 20 minutes, the migraine and all symptoms were totally gone! The same scenario continued for 5 mornings. In the month of August, the scenario again repeated for 7 mornings, otherwise, I was migraine free and noticed one morning that the essential tremors had ceased! This past September I was completely migraine free and to this date have no tremors. From September 1 to November 5, I failed to exercise a total of 8 days. There was four mornings I have had mild migraines, all relieved by Cellercising.

Some of the other great benefits of Cellercising have been: no asthma attacks, a dramatic weight loss, increased muscle mass, and strength, and compliments that I receive from others, saying “How much better I look”.

I must say that I have a life now! I still have strength to gain and am looking forward to the day when I will have even more energy. I’m confident that will happen.

Another big step since Cellercising I’m driving again, something I haven’t been able to do for years! I just praise the Lord for the opportunity he has given me to listen to your presentation, to actually have a Cellerciser in my home, and for the idea and determination he gave me to get on it for the first time with a migraine.

The enthusiasm for Cellercising and the joy of living pain free, has led me to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunity that I may have to share with others having physical problem. This is because I’ve had such a wonderful, unexpected, and exciting gift given to me! I want everyone to experience the gift of being pain free, living a life without migraines and other physical treatments.

Since having such great results physically, I feel so much better mentally. First, I give thanks to the Lord, and thank him for you, your work Dave, and your development of the Cellerciser! How much pleasure and satisfaction you must receive from your work! Thank you so much. The Cellerciser has give me a new lease on life.

Yours truly

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