This may be long, so I apologize in advance.

I was in a bad car accident about 23 years ago, my head injury caused me to have to learn to walk, talk and function again, so much of who I was lost on that day, basic tasks like tying my own shoes or even remembering how to do laundry was a chore I had to accomplish with many many sticky notes pasted up on the walls of my home to remind me how to do the task. I overcame a lot of it but was still stuck with side effects of the crash. One of the big ones was balance, I had to give up driving because of it and walking was also difficult for me. My brain would say when I was walking that I was going in a straight line, but my body would always wander off to the left. My family would just say, there goes mom again and pull me back out of the way. I walked into many many a wall, that has all changed and I cry writing this, I was shopping with my husband and just didn’t even notice until he kept looking at me strangely and said wait here, he then ran to the end of the aisle and said walk to me, I thought he’d lost his dang mind lol. But I did it, and I made it, straight as an arrow!!! I was crying in Walmart I was so over the moon happy!!! I then started running around the store like a crazy teenager, at 60 I think I scared some folks lol And after we left the store I asked if I could try driving home, it was the most wonderful freeing blessed drive I ever did in my entire life!!!

David Hall saying thank you will never be enough to tell you. My lost life is now back again, and I AM FREE!!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – My Cellerciser BDay is Jan 10,2021

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