I’ve just purchased your Cellerciser as I learned about it from another site which is now my ultimate source for the food products. I’ve always been looking for. For the 1st time here’s something I can do for 10-15 minutes when I get up at 4:30 AM getting ready to go to the job. And I look forward to it. And, then when I get home and change into something comfortable, time for session #2. On days off, I’ll add a few more 10-minutes sessions.

I’m 58, pass for 48, took all the vital measurements and won’t do a check on measurements for 30 days, keep a log etc.  Having been a runner and various “relationships” w/gyms and equipment at home, the lack of mental obstacles and the lack of distractions (headphone music, etc.) that is involved w/ Cellercising is important and vastly under-rated. Two points – you know you’re working the core foundation of your body (cells) and you’re not experiencing any time segments of pain. So, you’re not looking for “distractions” during the proves of “exercising” as a “pleasant distraction.”

To me, it’s important to experience all the nuances while I’m Cellercising and this “exercise” will be very beneficial to integrating the seven Tibetans and my ancient Chinese exercises and also assisting in my work in Segway from the beta state towards the theta state (cycles of brain waves/ record.) I’m probably getting into the deep end of the pool, so I’ll stop here.

To me, now I see all those exercises that work on muscle groups (It’s all symbolism) whereas exercising the cells that’s substance.

Down the road I envision myself as going out and demonstrating the Cellerciser and showing people my driver’s license will be an integral part of the “show and tell”

I wish you indago felix!

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