This past September I was completely migraine free and to this date have had no tremors from September to November, I failed to exercise a total of 8 days. There was four mornings I have had mild migraines, all relived by Cellercising.

Some of the other great benefits of Cellercising have been: no asthma attacks, dramatic weight loss, increased muscle mass, and strength, and compliments that I receive from others, saying “How much better I look”.

I must say, that I have a life now! I still have strength to grow and am looking forward to the day when I will have even more energy. I’m confident that will happen.

Another big step since Cellercising: I’m driving again, something I haven’t been able to do for four years. I just praise the Lord for the opportunity he has given me to listen to your presentation, to actually have a Cellerciser in my home, and for the idea and determination he gave me to get on it for the first time with a migraine.

The enthusiasm for Cellercising and the joy of living pain free, has led me to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunity that I may have to share with others having physical problems. That is because I’ve had such a wonderful, unexpected, and exciting gift given to me! I want everyone to experience the gift of being pain free, living a life without migraines, and other physical ailments.

Since having such great results physically, I also feel so much better mentally. First, I give thanks to the Lord and thank him for you, your work Dave, and your development of the Cellerciser! How much pleasure and satisfaction you must receive from your work!

Thank you so much. The Cellerciser has given me a new lease on life.

Yours Truly

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