Oh, my goodness … I have been using your Cellerciser for only 2 weeks now … as of tomorrow will be 2 weeks. When I started using the Cellerciser I felt a little sore around the ribs and I could tell I was using muscles in my back and ribcage … I did not know I had.

The benefits of using the Cellerciser for around 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day, almost every day have already made a difference in my life! First of all, I dropped some inches and can fit into a size smaller pair of pants, and yesterday I was walking thru the malls and I noticed that the usual ache in my lower back was gone. I have been living with lower back pain for the past few years, I don’t have to be walking very long before the pain is felt, and just standing and looking at items on a shelf really affects my lower back, at times my knees would hurt even and the past 2 days I have felt no pain at all.

I feel stronger and more centered if you will, and my balance seems fantastic. This may seem a little crazy, but since I started rebounding, my left ear felt kind of weird inside the Eustachian tubes, and I only noticed when I stepped off the Cellerciser, and I was wondering what it could be. So today l went to the Doctors and he found I have an infected ear. How long I have had it, I could not say as I never felt any pain nor knew it was there, but after rebounding for 20 minutes or more, I could feel this pressure. So, I am now on an antibiotic ear drop meds and the infection should clear up in 7 days or less. Had it not been for the rebounder I might never have known I had any infection in my ear for they have felt just fine, until I stepped on the rebounder and off.

I am grateful to have caught it, for again, no symptoms and no pain was felt.

So, I am already noticing great results from using your Cellerciser! I love to bounce and so do my clients and my own grown children. One of my clients is expecting her rebounder next week as she saw mine and loved jumping on it sooo much she went home and ordered one for her family and for herself!

I am so happy!

Thank you so much for your DVD, and your creating this awesome Cellerciser! Thank you also for taking the time to write me when I had a question or 2 and for calling me. I told my friends, family, and clients … about the great customer service you give! They were impressed.

So, I just wanted to let you know how your Cellerciser is changing my life, my muscles, my whole self!


PS. My little cockatiel likes to sit on my shoulder when I do the baby bounce, his cage is just next to where I have the Cellerciser and when he sees me on it, chirps until I collect him and he loves it too!

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