Really enjoyed talking with you this morning and appreciated all your input concerning the problems I am having with my Rebound Air rebounder. I am just glad I researched new rebounders and found the info. on Dave Hall and the Cellerciser before my hip pain got any worse. Also, glad to know my hip pain is probably due to the inferior spring system on the Rebound Air upon just starting to do sprints on my rebounder. I have NEVER in my life had hip joint problems until I started running on my rebounder. That, plus the fact that my 4th spring in 3 yrs. just broke and the plastic coatings that have cracked/fallen off over the past three years have definitely put me in the market for a new and DIFFERENT rebounder. I will definitely be giving that old rebounder away, as you said, to someone I “don’t” like, HA!

In the meantime, I am staying off my Rebound Air and hopefully my hip joints will be feeling better by the time my Cellerciser arrives next week.




Hope your holiday was nice and not snowed in! I LOVE my new Cellerciser so far. After two weeks, my body is totally acclimated to it now, which is not surprising since I was already a rebounder. No more aches/pains anywhere except for some slight quad soreness from those intensive football type exercises… I do approx. 10 min. of baby bounces before breakfast, then a 15 min. workout late in the afternoon (I take a little longer for warm­up/cool-down than you), then another 10 min. of baby bounces (with feet NOT leaving the mat) after supper. Even in two weeks, I am losing weight at a very fast rate (2+ lbs. per week), which is the fastest I have ever lost before! The weight is just falling off and with very little effort, I might add. The Cellerciser doesn’t exhaust me at all like previous 45 min. aerobic weight workouts did. Before, I would have to take a nap during the day because the workouts wore my body so completely out. This is NOT the case with the Cellerciser. I am NOT following any type of particular diet except for higher protein and no sweets and nothing weird like drinking 10 glasses of water per day or anything like that. I am working out 5-6 days per week and on Sundays I just do baby bounces and nothing else. The bounce is SO comfortable – much more comfortable than the Rebound.

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