I have recently bought a Cellerciser from C.H. Services as I needed to keep working all my joints etc. in gentle exercise. I soon came across the problem of finding the exercises which would really help a specific condition. For the condition that I know I had epilepsy, fibromyalgia, severe digestive and weight problems. I initially followed the beginning program, in “Looking Good, Feeling Great”. Each single day I had improvements – my thinking was less foggy. I had a lot less nausea, better bowel function and less noisy.

I gradually lost that bitter taste in my mouth whenever I wake up. I started to sleep better in 2 ways. The time I sleep was spent sleeping and not worrying and hurting, and I wake up less times in the night. I had pins and needles in my legs that often wake one – well they stopped. YIPPEEE!!!

Now I’ve got a sore right foot. The Cellerciser is helping my body get rid of aches and pains with its increased circulation of “goodies” but the soreness increases whenever I jump (Cellercise). So, I jump only twice a day and I’ll Play my recovery. I’ll try to see what exercise I need.

I’d like to thank you, Dave Hall, and all those who believed in the concept of Cellercise bringing it to what it is today. Thank you all, and please take care.

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