I don’t normally post about myself here, but I was asked how things are going. I started my journey on January 1, 2019. I have been Cellercising for 16 months. Honestly, it has been a roller coaster ride figuring out what works for me. During this time, I have had a broken hand, several clots, and few other problems. I have had to slow down and increase when given the green light. I have to tell you; I notice the difference almost immediately when I am not Cellercising. I knew I would have to change the way I live my life to make this work. I also needed to realize that this was about ‘me’ and not anyone else. I only need to look good for me and not worry about what others think. That is easier said than done. I am a sensitive person, so when someone pokes fun about my weight, it really hurts. I do not eat anything with gluten in it and that is because my stomach cannot handle it. I eat my largest meal first and taper down just as Dave has mentioned. This really makes a difference. I have also implemented intermittent fasting. This has worked well for me. Since the start of my crazy adventure, I have lost 35 lbs. I am wearing most of my clothes that I have put away hoping to wear again one day. For all of you that are beginning …. you’ve got this! It won’t be easy. I am guilty of my love of sugar. It has taken me a year to really get on a pattern that I am happy with. Thank you everyone who has supported me. I still have a bit to go, but I am pleased with where I am!

Thank you Cellercise family and Dave Hall!


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