I have tried the Jamba·Run and that is part of one of my routines. What a great exercise and you right what you said on your newest DVD, it works every part of your body. My friends and family are seeing the results cellercising is doing for me. I was doing the exercise program Insanity and other home exercises. I started in February at 205 pounds with those exercises and got to 190 pounds in April. However, the wear and tear on my body was growing and I knew I could not do those kinds of exercises long term. I remember my parents telling me about the cellerciser (which I admittedly laughed at when they first introduced it to me about a year ago). I figured it would not hurt to give it a try and have been doing it since the end of April. I am now 168 pounds and feel great. I think it is the greatest thing out there and people are seeing the results and asking questions. I get so excited telling them all about it, it’s like sharing the Gospel when it comes to health and bettering their lives. I just wish more people knew about it. Those friends I was telling you about yesterday went to your websites and were sold, so hopefully you will be getting some new purchases here soon.

Thanks again David for all that you do.

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