Thank you so much for taking time to share your tips, stories and testimonies yesterday. I’m so glad that I chose the Cellerciser over the Bellicon (or any other)! I was very close to ordering the Bellicon but started watching your videos. It was very clear you weren’t just selling something (or should I say celling!).

Though I do own a used half-fold Cellerciser now, as I mentioned it is my plan to get a trifold in the future.

My testimony so far: After Christmas this year, I encountered vertigo for the first time. It was extremely frightening. For a few weeks, everything seemed unstable. I suffered dizziness, and when I would lie down to sleep, it was as if lying in a rowboat in the middle of the sea. Using the Cellerciser immediately cured me of all of these terrible and frightening episodes. One day I tripped on something outside and I could feel my body pull me back into balance. I knew this was from rebounding on my Cellerciser.

Another day, during flu “season” (I don’t subscribe to flu season!) I felt it coming on me. I gently bounced for a while before bedtime and the symptoms went away.

If this is not good enough, I am so thankful to find a company that is truly passionate about their product, almost like a true ministry. You personally displayed such kindness and generosity to me, even after finding out I own a Cellerciser.

I try to find every opportunity to tell everyone I know about the Cellerciser and the kind and extraordinary service of your company. I plan to own at least one all the days of my life, even if I live past 100!

I’m looking forward to the other benefits such as weight loss and expect to report great results in the future.

Thanks again for your journey, commitment, enthusiasm, and kindness.

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