Greetings, from a great fan of the Cellercise Rebounder. First, let me state that I am 74 years old. The last six months have been an amazing and gratifying journey for me as I have lost over 40 pounds using a paired-down version of Nutrisystem and my Cellercise Rebounder. Over the last two decades I had slowly gained weight until I was wearing size 44 pants. Today, I am at 190 pounds wearing size 34. When I first began this journey in November 2020, I was using my Bowflex Treadclimber exclusively for exercise, even though I had two Cellercise Rebounders. The Treadclimber began to have issues and I found that they had stopped making parts for it in 2009, so I discarded it and set up my Cellerciser. That was when I really began to lose weight.

Since the Covid outbreak, I have stepped up my video production ministry by producing inspirational videos featuring outdoor settings in the background. Recently on a trip to Tennessee, I produced two videos at the beautiful campground we were staying at in Clarksville. The first one is my exercise routine, and the second, my stretching routine. My goal is to challenge others to lose weight and get fit. If this 74 year “old man” can do it, so can you!

We are planning to start a health and fitness program at our church this fall to help others not only lose weight but become healthy in the whole person. I know that rebound exercise is very big in Europe, and even though it has been around a long time here in the US, it is amazing to me how so many people don’t know about it or, at least if they do, have not considered utilizing it. My initial journey began years ago when I read the book The Miracle of Rebound Exercise. Compared to the rigors of other exercises it is truly a miracle.

I have attached links to the two videos I produced in Tennessee. These are posted on my Dale Henry Brown YouTube channel.

Hopefully, you have been encouraged by my story.

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