I am Melody’s OT (Occupational Therapist), you talked about her in a recent video (she is the one with Trisomy 18). I work with her on the Cellerciser 2x/wk. It’s truly amazing! So is she, she’s one of those children who brightens the entire world with her smile, I hope one day you can meet her. She can stand up straight now (holding the bar) thanks to the Cellerciser!! I’m saving money to buy one for myself and hopefully my business; I am a pediatric OT in business by myself now and a single mom with big medical bills, so money has been tight. I don’t want to let that stop me from getting one, normally I would say never mind and walk away because of the cost, but now that I’ve seen and experienced the Cellerciser firsthand, I really need, not just want one.

All of my OT kids have balance issues and poor core strength, I know all of them would benefit from the Cellerciser. I also know insurance doesn’t like the use of trampolines, but I can attest the Cellerciser is NOT the average tramp! I can clearly discern that because the regular tramps hurt to use (have one, is now gathering dust), BUT the Cellerciser does not hurt at all, that really surprised me, I expected more pain after I worked with Melody on it, but there’s been no additional pain whatsoever. (!!) I can see a difference in reduced edema on the days I see Melody, too. I have osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, spinal cysts (from a CSF leak a few years ago, leak was fixed), headaches from the discs and kidney disease, legs are always swollen and I’m in constant pain; I don’t use narcotics and can’t use OTC pain meds anymore, so anything to help me feel better is a welcome relief. Headaches get better and I actually feel and sleep better on the nights I’ve been on the Cellerciser with Melody, that still amazes me, and we’ve been jumping together for a month now.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise and THANK YOU for making this wonderful little thing called a Cellerciser. I don’t know how you thought this up but oh my it’s not even on the same level as trampolines, GOOD JOB!!!! You have a real gift, and I really appreciate what you have to say about Faith and Light too. Jenn says you’re an awesome person, so thank you for that as well. Watching your video was inspiring and educational, I took notes. I don’t mean to gush but I hope you can tell we are all very thankful you came up with this wonderful tool. I’ve been working with Melody for two years as of next month, when I met her, she couldn’t hold her head up very well and didn’t interact with her environment at all. That is so not her today, she’s a darling; engaging, loving, and playful now. She’s made faster, more exponential progress since she started using the Cellerciser, I could go on for pages about all the ways she’s improving (her insurance reports are really long lol). She’s come so far, I start to cry tears of JOY when I think about it. Assume you’ve seen her website, her story (and her family!) is inspiring. God Bless You and thank you again for your time!!

Wishing you all the best

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