It was a pleasure actually talking to you yesterday. I truly appreciate your personal involvement in getting UPS to respond to your company with regard to their inability to deliver the 2nd Day Air shipment on the 2nd business day, and for Cellerciser to refund the 2nd Day Air shipment charge to me. Because of this alone I will not have any hesitation in referring people to your company if they need a high-quality rebounder.

The bi-fold Cellerciser finally arrived today (3rd day after shipping), and I am very pleased with the quality of the rebounder. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I am quite new to rebounding, though I have been doing strength exercises for a while. My first rebounder was a cheap product that I bought from Big 5, and it was made in China. I used it every day for 40 minutes per session. I have a 5’11”, 160 lbs. frame and I just did regular bounce exercises indoor (our ceiling is of regular height, so I couldn’t bounce very high). Within 5 weeks, one of the springs broke, followed by the 2nd and 3rd, every other day. The bounce on this cheap rebounder was very hard/harsh, in fact I had to use my back-support belt to prevent injury.

Cellercisers quality is so good that I wish that I had known about it and started with Cellerciser. The size and shape of Cellercisers springs are so superior compared to the cheap rebounder’s springs. The bounce is soft, and I can exercise without the back support. I am very impressed with your product and having talked to you personally and had you assisted me in resolving the shipping issue with UPS, I do not have any worries about customer support if I ever need one in the future. I will not hesitate to recommend your rebounder to people, and to tell them to invest their money in good rebounders like Cellerciser, rather than buying cheap ones from sporting goods/department stores that will only last a short time and may even cause injury due to the harsh bounce. Cellerciser will give a good, smooth bounce, and a peace of mind that there is great company behind it, if you ever need any replacement parts or help.

Thank you again for your help and your follow up call today, and I look forward to enjoying my new Cellerciser for a long time.

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