At age 68, my exercise regimen included going to a field and running eight 100-yard dashes at race speed, but it was pounding my body so much that I had to look for an alternative. That’s when I bought a Cellerciser and discovered that I could do the exceedingly beneficial sprinting at home (regardless of weather) with Km bodily jolting. I was ecstatic. I had found what is absolutely perfect for sprinting. But then lo & behold, it turned out to be the ideal whole-body exercise apparatus, and truly one of my best finds ever.

Thank you, Dave, for providing such an extremely high-quality product; especially those “gotta love ’em” springs that make me feel so lucky to have found out about them before buying some other rebounder, unawares. I’m glad I read those testimonials from people saying they had had a whatever brand before switching to Cellerciser; all of them tickled pink reporting, “sooooo much better” … and wishing they had known what a difference and better value.


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