I could not wait another minute to tell you about what happened today. Remember my 85 year old friend, Clara Simuro (she said she talked to you, and you were sending her a brochure.)?

To make a long story short, I went to her house to help her put together her cheap “rebounder”, which she received yesterday. And that is what it was: cheap, cheap cheap! I checked out everything: the fabric, the springs, the fabric covering the springs, the rubber tips, the handlebar, the legs, the ease of putting it together and folding it up, the carry bag, etc. Every single thing was pathetic!

Clara bad some of it put together before I arrived. She mentioned that she is not the type of person who likes to return anything. Immediately, even before she opened the hos, she was unhappy that it was made in China. She wanted to continue putting it together, but I kept encouraging her to return it because of the very poor quality. I said, “What is the use of assembling it completely, when you already know that you do not like it?”

She first said, “For me, it does not make any difference, but I want to order from your people for my two daughters.” I told her that it DID make a difference for her, and that while I was there, I could help her take it apart, and box it up for UPS.

So, that is what we did. She is happy we did that, but she was not easy to convince because of her stubborn and opinionated attitude. So, she probably will order three Cellercisers from you. From what I know about Clara, she does not “let the grass grow under her feet”.

I guess one thing I am not very good at is “making a long story short.”


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