I want to let you know what a blessing the Cellerciser has been to me.

The first time I did it all I could do was let my own weight “baby bounce”. Within 3-4 minutes of “baby bouncing” I was able to actually lift my feet to push off for higher bounces. That same time of exercising I was even able to bend and lift my knees to do some jogging. I wasn’t able to jog very long or lift my knees very high, but it was a great improvement from the start. The days I miss Cellercising I have less energy and more pain. I have even struggled with health issues for the last 20 years and the Cellerciser has given me the best results of all the physical therapies I have tried. My husband and I have shared our success with our family from the ages of 23 to 85 and they are now receiving the same blessings we enjoy form the Cellerciser. Thank you for all of the work you have put into bringing us the very best physical therapy available anywhere. Your sincerity, integrity, and excellent service are most welcome and appreciated.

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