I Cellercise® between 10 to 20 min per day.

Benefit of Cellercise®:

• Improvement of the bowels. Pain right side like kidneys, gone.
• Improvement of back pain.
• Improvement urination flow.
• Body shape changing.
• Successful 1st attempt to draw Blood for lab work. Usually 2 or 3 attempts
• Height 6 ft. I in. Height gained I inch.
• Sleeping better.
• Do not fall asleep while driving. I took a 600-mile trip without Cellercise®. Did very well staying awake until returning.
• Diagnosed as having sleep apnea since 1993. I have fallen asleep many, many times while driving since 1952. Only driven off the road once and have never been in an accident from sleep apnea. Wake up scared

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