Thank you for your helpful advice on how to use the Cellerciser for my husband’s meniscus injury.

I so thoroughly enjoy using the Cellerciser. I have it set up in the living room and jump on it every opportunity I can, whether it is for only a minute or for a more extended workout. We had a Needak for years and it was a welcome addition then as we had previously had one of the hard bounce mini-trampolines. I really didn’t see how there could be that much of a difference between the Needak and the Cellerciser, but I was very pleasantly surprised when we set up our newly arrived Cellerciser and I tried it for the first time. Wow! What a nice smooth feel to the bounce! It is hard to explain, but I greatly prefer the Cellerciser over the Needak and in addition it seems to offer more stability. It has been a great help to me as it is my main mode of exercise.

Thanks so much!!!!

Jumping for Joy,

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