Dr. Donna

One of my psychology clients, who knew that I was into holistic health from previous academic study and personal interest, lent me her 10 DVDs on I think it was called the Longevity Tour of just a few years ago. The content on the DVDs is magnificent! You were my star of the presenters. I have been interested in trampolines to jump for joyous health, but never went further than a passive interest. So, after seeing you with your Cellerciser, I explored more. Both my client and I tried to buy one directly from you, but the communications were faulty. So, I eagerly sought out suppliers here in Australia and bought the half-fold with balance bar from a Western Australia supplier. I’ve now read all the material provided (pretty much every single word, not skipping parts) and highlighted certain areas. I am now less than one week into my “jumping for joy” Dave Hall Cellerciser and very much the “joy” is there.

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