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We just got this Cellerciser today. While I was reviewing your paper, a picture caught my eyes. It was you on the front cover of Natural Health & Fitness magazine featured Expo’98. I was one of the five medical doctors interviewed in that magazine – MD’s Go Natural. So, we met 12 years ago in the same magazine.

I practiced integrative holistic medicine in Toledo, Ohio for about 13 years and moved to Hawaii in 2004. I have been thinking about having a workout equipment for a while but did not have time to shop around. When I heard you talk about Cellerciser at Extreme Health workshop I know I will have fun with this equipment. I will tell my patients to use it and hope one day you can come to Hawaii to promote this amazing health equipment.

My husband is already jumping up and down in the living room. I have to wait until he finishes it and it will be my turn. We both believe this equipment will help him trim off his extra weight. I will take his photo tomorrow for “before and after” comparison.

Will keep in touch,

My husband Edward, MD was the guy on the stage of your talk for domo. He was very impressed with the quick result. He mentioned to you at the workshop that you should tell people that if their doctor prescribes this equipment as part of fitness or weight loss program that they can write off from income tax as a legitimate medical device.

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