I have used the cellerciser for over 10 years. I purchased a second cellerciser approximately four years ago to have at our winter home in Florida. Previously I had worn out/broken about 20 cheap rebounders and had nearly given up on having this type of conditioning available. (My mother-in law had given us a rebounder approximately 20 years ago.) I saw the cellerciser on the internet and decided that I would spend the extra money in hopes that it would maybe last a year or so. It turns out, I would have spent several times that money if I had kept buying the brand X rebounders and I would not have had the consistency I have experienced with the cellerciser.

I highly recommend the cellerciser as I use it as part of my exercise/conditioning routine every day. The great part of it is its consistency. It functions today exactly as it did 10 years ago.

(If anyone is having problems with their cellerciser making noise, a quick spray of silicone lubricant at each end of the springs quiets it immediately.)

Thank you for a great piece of equipment that has not only lasted all these years but has helped me lose 60 pounds and maintain for four years now.

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