I want to share some of my initial thoughts as I have recently acquired a new bi-fold Cellerciser to replace my 44″ Bellicon rebounder.

Let me set the stage by describing myself to provide some context to what you’re about to read.

I’m a 69-year-old, physically active male, who unfortunately trashed his knees fairly early in life.

As a result, I’ve had a total of six knee surgeries which include two partial replacements and a subsequent reconstruction to a total knee replacement. The hospital refers to this as a “Joint Journey”. Worst trip you could ever go on!

I had purchased the Bellicon rebounder in the hope that it would be helpful in rehabbing my knees since it’s advertised as being the best bounce of all the rebounders. The Bellicon is presented as ‘the Mercedes Benz’ of rebounders. Swiss design and German construction. All that prestige comes at a hefty price of $879 plus $39 shipping … a little pricey for most people. Good thing I found a gently used one.

After spending some time in storage, I recently began to use the Bellicon daily only to find that instead of feeling better and stronger, I was feeling worse. My knees would ache for days afterwards and I was beginning to get very discouraged as I can no longer enjoy any type of impact exercise such as running or racquetball, etc. my hope of enjoying the Bellicon came to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, I came across the Cellerciser website, read all the reviews, had a wonderful phone conversation with David Hall and a new adventure in health has begun.

David explained to me that due to the large (44″) mat of the Bellicon and the deep bounce that it produces, it was actually causing my feet to pronate with each bounce putting undue lateral stress on my already stressed out knees.

I took his advice and ordered the bi-fold Cellerciser with support bar (very handy for those who require just a little bit more stability) and have been using it daily for the last week and a half.

I’m happy to report that Dave’s advice was spot on; my feet are not pronating like they did on the Bellicon and my knees are feeling stronger by the day. A deep or high bounce is not necessary as the three-stage patented spring design exclusive to the Cellerciser provides just the right resistance to produce a healthy, non-jarring bounce. Just be careful to start conservatively and allow your joints and ligaments a chance to adjust to the new regimen of Cellercising.

Here’s the bottom line, especially to those of you who are older and experiencing knee pain and soreness or who have undergone multiple surgeries like me, do yourself a huge favor. Forget all the other models of rebounders out there regardless of price and get yourself a genuine Cellerciser. Start with 10 minutes a day, have fun doing all the variety of moves that are shown on the DVD that’s included and start your own journey back to optimal cellular health.

You’ll never regret the purchase and you’ll start to enjoy the sheer joy of bouncing and movement that your body has been craving I Who would have thought that the power of positive and negative Gs’ could be so much fun!

By the way, these are my honest comments and I have not been paid to submit this initial review. My hope is that my experience will help you to make a proactive choice to get back into a state of health and vitality. Also, I will update my fitness journey from time to time with my Cellerciser.

David Hall’s Cellerciser is the best investment you can make in your health and the last piece of exercise equipment you will ever need!

Happy Bouncing (correction) Happy Cellercising!

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