I have been rebounding for over twenty years. I have been doing your 10-minute workout on a rebounder for three years. I recently purchased a Cellerciser and have continued the 10-minute workout on it, only at a reduced level to allow for the greater effectiveness. I have been amazed at the difference in terms of challenge to my fitness level and of comfort/ease of recovery after exercise. There definitely is an incredible difference! I have several friends and relatives who got Cellercisers at my recommendation, and I am so glad I finally took my own advice!

I also want to commend your customer service guy, Jerry, for taking care of replacing the cover on the new Cellerciser even though it is not a warrantied item. The cover developed a rip sometime which I noticed in the second week. His genuine concern for looking out for my satisfaction and for the reputation of your company is special.

Thank you for all you have done to benefit the wellbeing of so many in such a fun way.

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