I talked to Jerry when I ordered the Cellerciser with bar.

I weigh 160, 5’7”, age 68. I have reduced several years ago from 180. Eating less food, less junk, less sugar.

I have kept it off, using a treadmill. But I have done nothing for weightlifting exercise except doing my own gardening of my property.

My weight has creeped up to 160. Red light, Stop! Along the way I have read about our food sources, understand more about all the junk ingredients in prepared foods. I drink a vitamin drink from mercola.com called Living Fuel. I feel much better. I am off most sugar, get sweet from fresh fruit.

I am getting some fat pads around the area just under my waist, and all some drooping in my midriff area. From Dave’s lecture, those internal organs are drooping also from lack of support. I am not looking for miracles; my family will get together (3 children, spouses, and children) at thanksgiving. I hope by then from 9/19/04 – 11/21/04 ten weeks I will have shed 10 lbs. down to 150 and can see improvement in the 2 above areas I mentioned. If I can, I will take my Cellerciser down to Tuscan and show them. I am trying to do a 4 min. routine 3 x’s a day, when I’m home. Morning + evening when I have to go to work.

Already (from the 18th – today 24th) 7 days, I am at 155, feel great, have more energy, sleep better. WOW.


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