I hope all is well with you and your family.

When I received my Cellerciser on Sep 26, 2020, I remembered you had asked me to contact you after 3 weeks of Cellercising to see how it was going. Well, that would have been right around Oct 17; unfortunately, I got hurt. I think I pulled a ligament that affected my left knee. I started doing the “Side to Side Kick”, which is in the Intermediate level. The pain got progressively worse, I was limping, it was painful, and the only thing I could do was the “Health Bounce” for the next few weeks. I was concerned at how long my recovery was taking.

How did I get hurt, you ask? Well, in the beginning, I opened up the App and started with the Health Bounce, the Twist, and then I thought; “These are too easy”, so I jumped to the “Intermediate” level, 4th Routine … BIG mistake! I hurt myself doing the “Side to Side Kick”. I said to myself, “OMG! Really?!”

Well, I learned a big lesson. After my recovery, I decided to be smart about it and start the routines from the very beginning. What a difference! I realized then that my body needed to adjust to these new types of moves, and that skipping the ‘Beginner” level and jumping to the “Intermediate” level was a mistake. I have been “Playing in” for three weeks now and loving it!

This is my routine: I do a routine 2 – 3 x a day; I am now in the Intermediate level, 4th Routine. I already see changes in my body. I’ve been struggling with my “love handles” for many years now. Keep in mind that I’ve been teaching Pilates for 14 years, and I could never get rid of my “love handles”, but since I started Cellercising, all that has changed: My waist has shrunk, legs are stronger, abs are stronger, agility is great, my level of energy is amazing, and I can’t believe that at age 60, my body looks better than ever.

Thank you again, Dave, for all your YouTube demonstrations, for explaining things, for reading comments and answering questions that we can all benefit from.

God bless,

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