I am a 60-year old retiree for the last 11 months. I got my first gym membership when I was 25 and I never looked back. 14 years ago, I became a Pilates instructor, but due to COVID-19, all gyms closed; therefore, ending my part-time job with them. I also stopped exercising and became lazy and unmotivated. Eventually, I did start exercising at home, but realized my ankle would hurt after exercising, as well as my lower back, so I stopped and ordered your Cellerciser. Truth be told, though, before ordering your Cellerciser, I had already ordered another brand, and as soon as I received it, I immediately checked the springs and it was just the typical springs that stretch out over time, so I immediately went on your website and ordered yours. I held back before because I was being “thrifty”, but I knew in my heart that I actually needed the Cellerciser, and so I ordered it and I don’t regret it. So today, 9-25-20, after waiting since July 31st, I have received my long-awaited Cellerciser, and I’m so excited!! I even put it together by myself with no problem at all! I also did my 10 minutes, and I’ll tell you what, I was perspiring in those short 10 minutes, but I loved it!!! I’m looking forward to tonight and for tomorrow morning, and so on, and so on …. When I first ordered my Cellerciser, you welcomed me to the “Cellercise Family”, and you also told me to check back with you after Cellercising for 3 weeks, to see how it was going. So, expect another email in three weeks. I have high hopes that I will feel some improvement on my ankles and toes (from past accidents), painful LS for the last 6 yrs. (from 3 falls that I had in the past), and other discomfort I feel in my joints.

Thank you so much and talk to you soon, and God bless you!!

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