Bought my wife a Cellercise® for Mother’s Day and it arrived yesterday. We watched the DVD and she recognized you, she thinks, for a Health Show we attended in Chicago in 1995.

Too bad we didn’t buy it then; I may look like you if I had used it all these years. LOL

The reason for this email is twofold.

1). Your daughter, Jenna, has been a real joy to work with. She answered all questions and concerns and was a really great help. (She deserves a raise) 😉

2). Have you ever thought of having a “12” week transformation contest or something similar? I know there are many companies that do such things bU1 thought it might be interesting to see the transformations. Just a thought. I would definitely enter it.

I’m not going to go into a long story here, but my wife and I were both involved in separate car accidents and we both have lingering effects from it.

Last night, she tried the Cellercise® tor the first time. I hadn’t put the balance bar on it yet, so I had to help her up. The accident really screwed up her sense of balance. She only lasted about 30 seconds before she got really dizzy and couldn’t go on.

We then watched the DVD in its entirety.

This morning, she got on it and did about two minutes of the baby bounce. She lasted the entire two minutes before starting to get dizzy. That in Itself was a great boost to her confidence that this might work where nothing else has.

So, enough rambling on my part.

Thanks again for a quality product. We have a 30 year old Needak rebounder and the difference in the two is amazing. I might give the one to my daughter to let her dog jump on it as he loves to bounce.

Take care and if you do start a contest, I’ll be the first to join.


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