I am 68 years old and ran another race today. But it wasn’t just any race. I ran it with only one four-mile workout over the last two weeks! And, even after taking a hard fall that stove my shoulder as I was going to the starting line, I was able to run my usual 8-9-minute mile with relative ease.

I have participated in athletics and tried to follow good nutritional guidelines since high school. I played basketball, ran track and cross country with regional and state championship teams in Tennessee. Belmont College in Nashville at that time did not have track and cross country so I tried my hand at tennis in college. I have continued playing and running throughout my adult life. · –

I am presently a member of an insurance company that has nationwide membership privileges for their members in health facilities. We have at least 8-10 clubs or Y’s that I can go to for multiple types of exercise. Occasionally I will go to the one that has the best indoor track when the weather is foul. But, my go to every day workout is the Cellerciser. I got the trifold and it goes with me on every trip I take. Even if I only go for one day, my Cellerciser goes with me.

It is just part of every day, two times a day.

My morning workout on the Cellerciser takes about 10-15 minutes and is intense with hand weights. I follow that with a 5-10-minute stretching and toning group of exercises known as the Five Rites. At night before I go to bed, I do a gentle bouncing routine followed by the rites, then I have a small portion of something like organic oatmeal, raisins, nuts, raw honey, cinnamon, and raw goat’s or cow’s milk.

I sleep really good and continue to work and play like a much younger man.

I have a Total Gym and other pieces of equipment in my home and have unlimited access to a number of very well-equipped exercise facilities.

My Cellerciser is the single best piece of workout equipment I have ever found! I will own a Cellerciser, if possible, for the rest of my life! There is just not any other workout that I have ever found that builds me up with less tear down. It keeps me in shape to do virtually anything physically I want to do.

Thank you for building a quality piece of equipment that can go with me anywhere!

From an avid fan!

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