I just wanted to let you know how things were going with my Cellerciser. I don’t know if you remember but you talked to me and my husband on the phone and personally placed our order last October. Well I received my Cellerciser and started to jump. Two minutes the first day and I thought I would die. It took a while, but I built up to 10 minutes that I do every day. Once in a while I miss but I try to do it EVERYDAY! So here it is in August and I have some results for you.

I got my bone density report the end of July. My Endocrinologist wanted to put me on medicine last November because my bones were so bad, and I told her I didn’t want it and I was going to jump on a trampoline instead. She said that was too dangerous with my bones so bad and I had about a year before my bones would start breaking. But I did it anyway. So, the end of July my spine was -2.4 and it had been -2.6. My hip was

-3.0 and it had been -3.7. I was so excited I about flipped!! She said my bones were still bad, but they were better, and she was OK with waiting another year to have them checked and see how they are. I am so grateful for this Cellerciser!!! She told me the medicine would NOT improve my bones but would stop them from getting worse. Well, my bones IMPROVED in 8 months just jumping for 1 O minutes a day!!

So, I went to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. It had been two years and I thought my eyes would probably be really bad, but I was looking forward to getting new glasses. I wear progressives. Well the doctor checked my eyes and told me my prescription was the same with no changes and my vision was very stable. I was flabbergasted!! My eyes have been getting worse every year for about 5 years now. So, I go home and checked the Cellerciser website and it says It improves vision. So, I sure do believe it!! ended up getting a cute new pair of glasses with the same prescription!!

Well my most aggravating ailment is my headaches. I still get them but not as much and they are much less painful. I believe they are from allergies and I woke up with one this morning. I took my ibuprofen and went about my day. I didn’t get to jumping until about 3_pm and that was the end of it. Pain gone and no more ibuprofen! As long as I don’t miss a day jumping, I usually don’t have one. If I miss a day or so of jumping, I might get one, but the jumping clears them up and seems to keep them away. This is a crazy wonderful thing!

I am so thrilled with my Cellerciser! It really helped my bones, vision and headaches!! It is very healing. Sometimes I think I should jump longer and if I miss a day, I might do 12 to 15 minutes. I just don’t want to stop doing it because it helps me so much and I feel wonderful!! Thank you for providing a wonderful product and for placing my order!!

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