Want to say thanks again to Jerry for your assistance and patience with me on more than one occasion when I’ve called. You have helped me immensely and given me confidence in my Cellercise® workout. Definitely appreciate your kind demeanor and the encouragement you offer. Excellent instructions on the phone translated well to my workout.

I’ve had my Cellercise® for 2 weeks now and in that short time I already notice a tremendous difference over the bungee rebounder I’ve had for 5+ years. I’m sleeping better, my energy levels are noticeably improved, and I just feel better overall throughout the day, more confident and comfortable in my own skin. I love it! I was beginning to think rebounding just wasn’t for me. Boy was I wrong! Best birthday present ever and so glad I asked for this one. My husband is Cellercising now and I am passing the word on to family and friends. Hoping to increase your sales! Please share my heartfelt thanks with David Hall. Appreciate everything you all do and are doing at Cellercise®. Looking forward to many more healthy updates.

Thanking the Lord for you guys! God bless!

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