A friend who does blood microscopy (microscopic pictures of the blood and analysis) said I should get a trampoline and do it to help my lymphatic system because I have been dealing with a body rash due to Mercury (silver filling amalgams). So, I got an inexpensive mini Tramp. Now I was hooked. So, I decided to learn more. In the process I saw David Hall’s videos and was very impressed. I really appreciate that he supports what he says with scientific data. After using a $40 mini tramp my next trampoline purchase has been a Cellerciser. I love it. I do it almost every day. Using it has speeded up my healing process in an unmeasurable way and I am beyond amazed at the improvement. The Cellerciser has been an extremely important factor in my healing. I am a 68-year-old female who is thin, but my exercise has been severely limited due to the body rash. Not now! Since I’ve started using my mini tramp it’s been so much better!

BTW I am an adapted P.E. teacher for students with mental and physical challenges. I predominately work with severely handicapped students. I have wonderful aides that assist me in my classes. One who has had big time problems with her health is now beginning to use a mini trampoline because I take one to work. She feels so much better and she now has her own mini tramp at home. I love how this exercise item makes moving fun and yet helps the entire body to feel so much better. I am now sharing this information with lots of people, because if nothing else, it just helps them to feel much better even just a little bit at a time. So, kudos to you guys. Your tramp is exceptional, and I don’t just say that, I mean it!

And this is a really great thing to share. Doing the arm exercises (the isometric ones) is by far the fasted way to make “under arm dingle dangle” go away. I’ve done arm exercises with barbells and it didn’t work at all. Using the Cellerciser while doing the arm exercises has totally fixed “under am dingle dangle” and it was seriously done really quickly. I love my Cellerciser! I can’t say it enough, I LOVE MY CELLERCISER!! It totally works, no kidding!

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