We wanted to share with you how wonderful the Cellerciser has been for our family.

Our whole family of seven uses the Cellerciser almost every day. Our four older children have been delighted with the muscle and strength they have gained from it.

We have a story to share with you about our fifth child. Melody, who has Trisomy 18 (an extra copy of the 18th chromosome). About 90%- of babies with Trisomy 18 do not make it out of the womb alive. If they survive the time in the womb, 50% die in the first week. Of those only 5-10% make it to a year. Little Melody is six years old. Her health is very good other than her propensity to get colds lately. We are working on her development diligently. Children with full Trisomy 16 have severe developmental delays. Melody does not walk a talk in words. Yet. I can definitely say Melody is doing far better than she should be, given her condition.

A couple of years ago we bought a Cellerciser with her in mind. Back then she did not have the strength to stand up or the height to hold the bar. Occasionally we would lay her on the Cellerciser and jump her or help her stand and jump her, but nothing consistent

About a month ago I was listening to you talk about how someone could be in a wheelchair, put their feet on the Cellerciser, and have someone else jump. You noted how beneficial that could be. We decided to try Melody on there again. We realized that she is now tall enough to hold the bar.

The results have been amazing. Just in one month she is stronger and has better balance. Trisomy 18 children tend to be very weak. Melody now has definition in her muscles! It is impacting her development in countless other areas. She is making more connections cognitively, as well.

Melody has a website. In our latest post we talked about how beneficial the Cellerciser has been for her. I thought I would share it with you. The link is below.

The main reason Melody does not walk is because of a lack of balance. She has the pattern of walking in her brain. and she has the strength to do it, just not the balance. We have seen that the Cellerciser has helped her with that some. We are hoping it will continue to do so to the point of her being able to walk on her own. I have never come across a full Trisomy 18 child who walks independently. We have hope that Melody could potentially do that if you have any suggestions for us beyond what we are already doing (having her stand on the Cellerciser with the help of the bar as well as lying her down on her back and bouncing) please let us know.

We are immensely grateful for you and for the Cellerciser.

Thank you

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