My research told me that a Cellerciser would be a much better rebounder. I sorted through testimonials, reports, videos, product literature; and came to the conclusion that the Cellerciser was my best choice and, on this faith alone, I ordered a half-fold model.

Out of the box there was an immediate difference in ease of opening the rebounder and simply pulling the legs up into place. I must say from the first “bounce” on my Cellerciser I was a convert from exercising to Cellercising. The product difference between less than fifty dollars and almost four-hundred dollars was immediately apparent. I felt like I just went from a “Yugo” to a “Rolls-Royce” model! The “feel” on the Cellerciser is so solid, the bounce is so smooth and rhythmic; I really look forward to my twice daily sessions. I am enthusiastic now about just where I will be physically in the next few months / years using my Cellerciser.

I am a 62-years old woman without any medical conditions, in good general health. But I am overweight and starting to feel the passive effects of aging. As a woman I have spent decades chasing the elusive “perfect figure”. At this time in my life my priorities are significantly different. I want fitness, balance, flexibility, stamina and good health! All things that the Cellerciser can help me attain and maintain. I plan on continuing to do a morning and evening routine of ten-minutes of brisk walking I jog on the Cellerciser every day.

Thank you, Mr. Hall and all the fine folks in your company, for developing such a well-made piece of exercise equipment. And, from everything I have read, your company fully stands behind your product. That was a crucial part of my purchase decision. My only regret with my recent purchase is that I did not order the bar attachment for added stability. After watching your DVD, I feel like I am missing out on the full range of movements I can achieve with my Cellerciser. But it is good to have something to look forward to!

P.S. I was so concerned about the lack of safely with my first rebounder that when I put it out with the garbage, I cut it completely apart so no one would pick it up and use it ever again!

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