Thank you for the cellerciser. It had a profound contribution to my staying alive!
In 2009, Stage 3 cancer had me unable to walk enough to affect my lymphatic and blood systems. I purchased a cellerciser. All I could do was stand on it, hold the bar and jiggle it a wee bit. That little bit developed into a full routine which continues through today.

I attempted to resolve my Agent Orange induced bladder cancer through holistic means. Alas, the cancer was too established, so, in late stage 4 cancer I opted for surgery and chemotherapy.

As soon as possible, I resumed using my rebounder. Two years out of major surgery and chemo, I back packed in and out of the Grand Canyon – doctors exclaim “unheard of recovery”, “a miracle”.

The rebounder and my energy work are the reasons I am able to reach unheard of levels of recovery.
Next month I am off on another adventure – traveling along our Eastern coast – Chesapeake Bay, Outer Banks, as I continue south for the winter. I will be traveling by car and exploring waterways and coastal islands by rowboat.

It is my intention to network along this journey: Also, I am open to speaking about and demonstrating the cellerciser. I am leaving my rebounder with my daughter. I wonder if you are interested in supplying a trifold cellerciser for this purpose.

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