I am a Cellercise user since August 12th. Have been Cellercising 1 day short of one month and I am super excited about the improvements in the way I feel, the strength, the stamina, energy levels, better posture, less aches and pains, better mood, etc.

I am very excited also on what is to come because I am still going slow and giving it time for the whole body to adjust and strengthen.

I have a quick question? Is there a YouTube video or a video that shows Dave’s full routine? I have been doing some simple moves for 5-6 minutes in the morning and then 1 O minutes in the afternoon. It would be great to get the whole 10-12 minutes that Dave follows.

We all want to look like him!!!

Thank you,



Been Cellercising for 80 days straight. 5 mins in the am and 1O in the PM.

I’m noticing more definition on my legs for sure. My neck and my shoulders too, I’m even noticing more muscularity and vascularity on my forearms.

Feel more agile and the skin feels tighter. My goal is to get to 6 months non­stop in order to experience the max benefits. Looking forward to it.

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