I renewed my subscription to the Mr. Rebounder app but the app didn’t recognize my renewal. So I called and talked to David Hall about it. He called me back in less than five minutes to let me know it was a known problem they were working on. In the meantime, my access is now fixed. Great service!

I’ve exercised on a rebounder for over twenty-five years and while it is not my only form of exercise, it’s my favorite and most consistent exercise option. It’s fun and a great workout. I started using one in my early forties and am now in my late 60s. I credit my rebounder for keeping me in shape.

When Covid started, I used my rebounder even more often and was delighted to buy a subscription to the app. I listen to music while I bounce and enjoy my whole workout. I learned a few new ways to bounce from the app which I didn’t expect after 25 years.

Anyway, rebounding is excellent  exercise and also excellent fun. If you live somewhere where the weather makes it hard to get outside year round then a rebounder gives you an easy option. I could go and on but I’ll stop here.

Thanks again for the app assistance.