Yesterday at Church my friend, Rea told me that you so kindly spent an hour talking with her last week regarding her recent ALS diagnosis. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! My heart is so sad the Lord Is taking her through this trial, but I am so grateful that He has given us near & far friends, like you, to support the hardest times in life. Rea & Pat are leaders in our Church & so very special. It’s incredibly scary how fast Rea’s speech has been affected (in only about 2 months).

Rea told me her husband, Pat, was in the room for a good part of the conversation. He apparently became INSTANTLY serious about Cellercising for his own health! Yay!

Rea & Pat helped me tremendously when I had 2 heart valves repair (per congenital defects) 2.5 years ago. Now I get to support them as they go through their trial. I received my Cellercise® in August and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! I’m on it at least every morning for about 12 minutes. I listen to TobyMac, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, etc. while bouncing – so, it’s an exercise & praise session at the same time. Last week I took my Cellercise® to a 4-day software conference & used it 2x/day while there. I’ll be taking it to another conference this week & doing the same. Although it’s only been a month for me, I can see some nice changes/slimming starting. It will really help in the short, wet, cold, nasty days of Fall/Winter! My dachshund & cat take turns lying on it when I’m not using it. The dachshund even tries to bounce with me sometimes. Hilarious!

Regardless, the primary purpose of this note is to thank you for ‘loving’ on Rea & encouraging her. An hour of your time is very generous.

God bless you and keep you and your family and may He choose to prosper the Cellercise® family more than ever.


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