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Cellercise® Family! It’s been 6 months of fun, Cellercising with you all! I have been posting my minutes on this wonderful FB group! And I am not stopping!!! I Love to Cellercise®!

I must say the Cellercise® does its job, to perfection- working everybody part. Just sharing what happened to me. My hubby and I started back at his favorite old school, Olympic lifting gym (we got busy with life and the kids) and guess what, I fit right in, like we had never left! The gym owner was puzzled & came up to me personally asking if I had been working out 4 days a week at home!? He said to me that my biceps and triceps still had muscle. (We were away for 6 months).

I became in complete shock explaining to him … Well then, it must be my Cellercise® trampoline working my muscles to the core, because I haven’t lifted anything heavy ever since!”

And the funniest thing is, my hubby chimes in and says, “She does her bouncing every day!” (I really don’t- more like 4 days a week!)

The story is … sometimes we can’t see the results ourselves, but it’s visibly there!! “Keep on Cellercising!”

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