We have purchased three units from you, but we find that the trifold is our favorite. The unit seems to have a gentler feel during the exercise and also it is so easy to manage, to fold, and to put away. We also prefer the size and the placement of the balance bar. Both of us believe that the Cellerciser regimen is strengthening our 75-year-old bodies. We are thankful that we found you guys and your product, and we plan on utilizing your system until the day we leave this earth.



We are sending you an update regarding our joining the Cellerciser family. (we have purchased 4 units for ourselves and other members of our family.) Last November at the age of 75 we started Cellercising and have observed several changes:

–              We have not had a cold or any kind of sickness since November of last year.

–              Our endurance has improved.

–              Varicose veins have diminished.

–              Hernia is just about healed.

–              Have noticed a general tightening of muscles.

–              After Cellercising a general improvement in mood.

There are probably other improvements taking place that we have yet to identify but look forward to observing. We are convinced that your product and program has hit a “sweet spot” in the physical fitness world. Where else can you eliminate expensive equipment, simplify your routine, save time, and enjoy the activity?  We also appreciate your commitment to amazing customer service and the willingness to take your valuable time to answer individual questions. Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you, your family and your Cellerciser family.

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